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Allison GrayI am forever grateful for Stage One Dance Center! When I moved to Benicia from Los Angeles, I knew that I wanted to keep dancing. Luckily, I found Stage One and so much more! I received essential training in various dance styles, numerous performance opportunities, a nurturing and dedicated teaching staff, and an overall supportive community. Walking into the studio always felt like home, I created lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories. Stage One gave me the tools and confidence to pursue a degree and career in dance. Thank you for showing me that with passion and commitment anything is possible.

Cathy Beard – My daughter has been dancing at Stage One for 9 years. This studio has been her 2nd home and I wouldn’t have it any other way. From this studio she has gained self discipline, time management, hard work, determination and teamwork. She absolutely loves it here. Their classes are challenging and fun. She loves her dance teachers.  They are professional dancers.  They are amazing performers and they lead by example. They inspire the dancers here at the studio. For 9 years I have been watching my daughter do what she loves here at Stage One. Stage One Dance Center is awesome!!!

Dawn Montero – I have 3 girls and I wouldn’t have them attend any other dance studio. We’ve been here since 2009. I currently have 3 girls attending dance classes here with two of them performing on company teams.  The level of professionalism from the teachers to the front desk staff is unparalleled. They really support our girls/boys and help them gain skills to become the best dancers they can be. I am thankful that my girls have had this experience and will for many years to come.

Jaime FriesenLove this studio, choreographers, and dancers. Very lucky to have found such a great place for dance training and performance as we have been searching for a while. Proud to be a part and have my baby dance here! The best in the area by far!

Donna Carreon – My daughter started dancing with Stage One four years ago when she was five years old. Her teachers did an excellent job introducing her to dance and teaching her the fundamentals. They even took the time to get to know her as a dancer and focus on working with her in the areas they saw she could excel. We were both a bit reluctant when she was invited to join the competition team as she was an extremely shy and timid child. After receiving her second invitation she decided to join Mini Company and compete. She has been dancing competitively now for the past 4 years. The experience has been both challenging and rewarding. I know that her skills as a dancer and as a performer have grown exponentially as a result of being on the team. Thanks to the persistence of her instructors and the excellent training she is receiving she is blossoming into a beautiful dancer. More importantly for me, the support and encouragement she receives from her instructors and the senior dancers has helped her to overcome the shyness that has held her back in many areas. She is no longer my little Velcro anymore, needing me to be nearby at all times. Her little sister also is in dance class. An already outgoing personality, I know that the instruction, support, and friendship she will receive from Stage One will help to enhance her love of people and develop her love of dance.

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