North Bay Performing Arts Dance Companies



Our North Bay Performing Arts dance company members are made up of a special group of performers who absolutely love to dance and relish in the pleasure of live performance. Creativity sparks the imagination and drives the development of new ideas that can transform the way we live. Artistic expression thrives on diversity, bringing communities together in shared experiences that transcend boundaries and foster understanding. As a non-profit enterprise North Bay Performing Arts supports efforts that bring the full spectrum of artistic expression to the community as our youth share their joy of dance through outreach programs and performances events.

2015 – 16 Performance and Dance Events

  • TREMAINE DANCE CONVENTION: November 28 & 29, Westin St Francis, San Francisco
  • SPAGHETTI DINNER FUNDRAISER:  February 13, St. Vincent’s School, Vallejo
  • RAINBOW COMPETITION:  March 4-6, San Mateo
  • SHOWSTOPPER’S COMPETITION: April 8 – 10, San Mateo
  • BRAVO COMPETITION:  May 6 -8, Pittsburg
  • STAGE ONE SHOWCASE:  June 4 & 5, Vallejo Hogan Auditorium

**Exact Times and Dates of each NBPA company competition performance TBA

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